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  1. OutLaw says:

    Stock update , Check Stock picks from close 1/18 to 1/25 had 73% win rate. Dow Jones was up .013% the same week. Looking forward for next week with Amzn, FB, AAPLE , CAT earnings report coming out.

  2. AdminG says:

    KLIMY you never know how much i love when you pick stock! thanks for sharing.
    Anyway I watch BABA i think i like to enter BABA for 150 and out of 157 once hit my 157 i can see this drop with in a week to 147 . Happy trading friends

  3. AdminG says:

    $AMZN is also one of my favorite cash cow.I love it when run high specially when come back down fast like lighting for no reason.just hedge it while everyone waiting for the earning report i like to position my self to get as much money on this is to expensive for me possible from 1,026.87 last night close can drop to 1,022 before sudden spike people expect of high earning this can be around 1,036 (even to 1,064) but i believe this will drop like our program said -28.75 see this around 998

  4. AdminG says:

    I am waiting for $ENBL to come down to 15.00 and want to exit this at 16.20
    I’m short on $GOOGL I believe this will high 996.57 to 1000. this not but will have this will drop first day to -$10 (987.50) and possible next friday of monday will continue i have 975.00 this is just how i read this stock .I dont think any bad news coming but I think its just way to hedge it many Quant can see this like I watch this you dont care about the company we know this will always come back .just pure cash cow so trade it with no emotion just get the money and out .

  5. OutLaw says:

    Klimy’s weekly stock forecast picks

    Stocks on Klimy’s possible buy list for this week

    AGEN, (CBAY), EROS, FOLD, IPXL, NTNX, Edit to add : NKTR
    Edit for Klimy ::: Taken CBAY off list did not close above $7.77 Tuesday and adding NTNX
    FOLD : gapped up. Held gap and moving higher. Could see anything between $15-$18.
    IPXL : $20 short term before pullback….then higher into mid $20’s

    Stocks on Klimy list that he buys to generate income paying around 9% yield combo

    Thanks for the Stock Pick Tips

    • OutLaw says:

      Klimy I see FOLD held up for the past week without filling the gap, I see it possible dropping tomorrow under 13.00 before moving higher . Will keep a watch on the jump up gap on 7/10 to 7/11 it did.
      IPXL hit some supports today , could pull back tomorrow around 17.00 area before turning back upward

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