27 thoughts on “Outlawstocks YouTube Update

  1. AdminG says:

    Hello and Welcome to Outlaw stocks!
    Our OutLawStocks program is showing $AKS $5.47 as of close July 28 2017
    Our program shows in yellow color For the next trading day
    Price range of $5.21 to $5.85
    Our Top Resistance range on the chart Red Lines at $5.85 to $6.22
    Our bottom Support range on the chart Green Lines at $5.21 to $4.94
    Our Pivot at $5.58 will be the 1st Resistance
    From close to Resistance is 6.95%
    From close to Supports is minus 4.75%
    We expect Day’s DIRECTION down Then up
    Our Strength showing 22.48 (under 30 we look for entry and over 70 is our exit area)
    Trend is showing us a BUY expect it to pull back to our supports
    before turning up toward our Resistance area

    To find out which direction your stocks are headed in the future
    Join us at outlaw stocks.com for your free five day trial
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    Thank you

  2. OutLaw says:

    $CATO outlook for 7-7, Will CATO bounce back after bad earnings today?
    With our Strength still little high looking for this to drop into our supports for possible entry

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